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Online Concert FAQs

February 26, 2021

Here are some of the questions you've been asking, and some of the answers we've been finding!

Q: How does this ‘online’ season work?

A: When you purchase a subscription (or individual concert), you will provide your email and set up a password - creating a login for the BSO video channel. Once subscribed you will receive a confirmation email with a link to our BSO video channel. You will also receive an email notification whenever new concerts are available. Whenever you want to view a concert, simply login to our video channel, on or after the concert release date, to view the concert. Each concert will be available for one month after the airing date, and concerts can be purchased for viewing individually or for the entire season. 

Q: What are the Season Ticket prices?

A: Season Subscription prices are $135 for the season, paid once per year, or $14.99 per month paid monthly.  Either option gives you access to our concerts to watch anytime and anywhere.

Q: What if I only want to view one specific concert?

A: Single Use day passes will give you access to a specific concert on a day of your choice. These day passes will be available for purchase beginning the day of the concert in question. 

Q: Can I buy my subscription from you by calling? Can I send in a check?

A: Unfortunately, we can’t process your payment over the phone as we don’t have access to the system. When you purchase your subscription, you will need to set up a password to access the channel. As such, we highly recommend visiting the website to make that purchase and set that up yourself. 

If you have trouble, please contact the BSO office at info@bellinghamsymphony.org or 360-756-6752 and someone will be in touch to assist you. We do ask for your patience, as our office hours vary while our staff is working remotely. 

Q: I usually purchase two season tickets. Do I need to buy two online subscriptions?

A: You need to purchase one subscription for each location where someone will be viewing. If there are two people in your household, viewing the concerts on the same screen, you only need to purchase the one subscription. If the two of you are in different households, or viewing on different screens, you each would need a subscription to access.

Since you may be saving on the cost of a second subscription (and the subscription costs are reduced from our usual season ticket prices), please consider giving the gift of a subscription to a friend - anywhere in the world! This is the one season where you can share the BSO with your loved ones who don't live close enough to attend in person. To do this, go to our subscription purchase page, click on "Gift this subscription" pulldown, and make your purchase for a friend or loved one. All you need is their email address.

Q: I'm not sure I have anyone I want to purchase a gift subscription for. Are there other ways to help?

A: Yes. You can donate here. We thank you! 

Q: I heard something about watching the concerts for free. How do I do that?

A: You can enjoy the concerts for free on concert days only on our website, BTV, and KMRE. If you want to view at any other time, you would need to purchase a subscription or day pass for the BSO video channel

  • Website: www.bellinghamsymphony.org/events/watch
  • BTV: BTV can be viewed on cable television in the greater Bellingham/Whatcom County area as well as via the internet. For Comcast Xfinity Cable system: Channel 10 in standard definition or Channel 321 in high definition.  For CenturyLink’s PRISM cable: Channel 40 in standard definition or Channel 1040 in high definition.  
  • KMRE: tune to 102.3 FM to listen to the concert.

Q: Will all of the concerts this year be online only?

A: At this time, the answer is yes. Mount Baker Theatre is closed for the foreseeable future, and we will work closely with them as things change. We also are working with our soloists, particularly those in the later part of the season, to be ready to perform in person should that become possible. Until such time, we are all online!

Q: Where can I find guest artist & repertoire information?

A: Guest artist & repertoire information can be found by visiting the events page of our website and viewing the details of each concert. Specific repertoire for many of the 2021 concerts, however, is still to be confirmed. We want to stay flexible in case in-person events become an option!

Q: Will there be pre concert lectures?

A: Yes! We will continue to have pre concert lectures about the program by Dr. Ryan Dudenbostel - only now in video! This will be for most concerts (not including Home for the Holidays). You will be able to access the pre concert lecture on our website before each concert starting at noon on concert day. BTV will air the pre concert lecture starting at 12:45pm on concert day.

If you have a subscription to the BSO video channel, you will be able to view the lectures there as well.

Q: Do I need to do anything to keep my season seats at the theater?

A: When we do open up for in-person events at the theater, you will automatically have the option of retaining your past season seats. There is no action necessary from you at this time. 

Q: What is the deal with Classical Kids?

A: Classical Kids is our membership for kids 12 and under. During this online season, Classical Kid members get free access to three concerts* on our BSO channel plus  $5 off additional concerts. That way, Classical Kids can watch the concerts anytime at their own pace! 

*Concerts included with Classical Kids online season:

Q: What about Take-a-Teen?

A: As previously mentioned, you only need one subscription per household. This means your teen can watch with you in your home without the need for an additional subscription. 

Q: Is there still a budget ticket option?

A: Concerts are free to watch on concert days. We do not have a budget option for the online subscription channel to watch later in the month. 

Q: I see that some of the BSO will be performing in small groups. How are you doing that?

A: Very carefully, working with the state and county agencies to develop a safe way to meet and record. We are socially distancing, providing masks, choosing works that require only small groups, and recording either outside, or in venues large enough to maintain the proper distances for safety. 

Q: What if I have a technical glitch?

A: If you are watching on our BSO video channel (subscriptions) through Vimeo, Vimeo has the following resources if you experience technical glitches:
Viewing issues: https://bellinghamsymphonyorchestra.vhx.tv/contact/support
General troubleshooting: https://bellinghamsymphonyorchestra.vhx.tv/help

We will also be available by emailing info@bellinghamsymphony.org or call our office at 360-756-6752.

Q: I have a login for donating to the BSO, is this the same login as to watch through the BSO video channel?

A: First, thank you so much for your support! Unfortunately no, these are not the same login. The donation area uses a different login than our BSO video channel. If you are having trouble logging in to watch the concert, please contact our office by emailing info@bellinghamsymphony.org or call our office at 360-756-6752.