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At Home with Ashley - Women's Voices

Ashley Becker, soprano
Alexandra Gardner, composer
Frances Pollock, composer
Keith Chambers, piano
November 8, 2020
1:00 pm


Willetta Parker, poetry by Emily Dickinson | "Have you got a brook in your little heart"

Florence B. Price | "Sunset"

Undine Smith Moore, poetry by Georgia Douglas Johnson | "I want to die while you love me"

Gwenyth Walker, poetry by May Swenson | "Women should be pedestals"

Alexandra Gardner, poetry by Farnaz Fatemi | "The Song-Spattered Sky"

Frances Pollock, poetry by Sandra Cisneros | "Curtains"‍‍

Lori Laitman, poetry by Mary Oliver | "Last Night the Rain Spoke to Me," "Blue Iris," and "Early Snow" from Early Snow‍

Madeleine Dring | Trio for Flute, Oboe, and Piano featuring BSO Musicians Deborah Arthur, Gail Ridenour, and Andrea Rackl

Of Note

Willetta "Etta” Parker is the first known composer to set an Emily Dickinson text. After receiving permission from Dickinson’s sister, “Have you got a brook in your little heart” was published in 1896.

Undine Smith Moore (1904-1989) was a pianist and composer known as the “Dean of Black Women Composers.” Of the 100+ works she composed, only 26 were published during her lifetime.

Gena Branscombe (1881-1977) was a Canadian pianist and composer who founded her own women’s chorus and her compositions were widely performed during her life.

This concert features commissions from composers Alexandra Gardner and Frances Pollock.

Composer Frances Pollock is using poetry by Sandra Cisneros in her piece. Sandra’s works are available locally through Village Books!

This concert celebrates the centennial of the 19th Amendment and women’s suffrage movement through featuring women soloists, composers, and poets.

Ashley filmed the concert at the Michener Art Museum, which co-produced the concert. It provides a beautiful backdrop for the music.

Join us for a powerful afternoon of iconic and memorable American compositions! Soprano Ashley Becker will bring her impressive soprano to your living room through our website, KMRE 102.3 FM, and Bellingham’s BTV.  Known for her vocal coloration and interpretations, Ms. Becker is the perfect voice to present these important works. She will be accompanied by Keith Chambers on piano.

Don’t miss this chance to hear these magnificent pieces and celebrate these powerful female voices!
Dr. Ryan Dudenbostel’s informative and engaging Pre-Concert Lecture about the program will air at 12:00PM here on our website.

Discover More

WATCH: Soprano Ashley Becker perform "In Questa Reggia" from Puccini's Turandot.

READ: Learn more about Ashley Becker.

“Last Night The Rain Spoke to Me, “ “Blue Iris,” and “Early Snow”  ©2001 by Mary Oliver.  From What Do We Know, Da Capo Press.  Used with permission of the Molly Malone Cook Literary Agency.