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At Home with Inna

Inna Faliks, piano
February 14, 2021
1:00 pm


Robert Schumann | Symphonic Etudes, Op. 13, Five Posthumous Variations
Robert Schumann | Romance, Op. 28, No. 2
Clara Schumann
| Piano Sonata in G minor

Of Note

Faliks is the founder and curator of the of the Manhattan Arts Council award winning poetry-music series Music/Words, creating performances in collaboration with distinguished poets.

In March 2019, Faliks was Artistic Director of Classical Music for YoungArts LA.

Known for both commanding performances of standard piano repertoire, as well genre-bending interdisciplinary projects.

One of classical music's great love stories is Clara and Robert Schumann. Robert wrote this piece as a Christmas gift to Clara.

Robert met Clara while studying piano with Clara's father. Her father was not keen on the match and resisted it for years.

Clara was a child prodigy as well as one of the first pianists to regularly perform by memory.

Fall in love with the power of word and sound as symphony as we feature pianist Inna Faliks, who will bring her rich style and poetic background to anywhere you choose to watch or listen to her riveting mash-up of medium and style. From Emily Dickinson to today’s poets, Ms. Faliks brings her fresh and innovative interpretations to our virtual stage. 

Make this incredible performance your date this Valentine’s Day!

Dr. Ryan Dudenbostel’s informative and engaging Pre-Concert Lecture about the program will air at 12:00 PM here on our website.

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