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Music Mondays!


Every Music Monday, the BSO brings you a quick, fun, and interactive lesson so you can experience the joy of music from the comfort of your own home as part of the Whatcom Arts Project. You can find these lessons on the BSO Facebook page and the Learn At Home! page on the BSO website.

The BSO is a proud participant and a founding member of the Whatcom Arts Project, a group of over 30 community arts nonprofits. The goal of the Whatcom Arts Project is to reach our community during this time of need to provide hope, entertainment, learning opportunities, and a sense of togetherness. To learn more about the Whatcom Arts Project and home friendly activities in our area, please visit or Make sure to like and follow page to keep up-to-date with fun arts activities you can do from home.

All music Mondays are free. To check out our concerts, click the tickets button below.

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