Learn At Home!
Learn about instruments, composers, music, and even how to conduct from the comfort of your home!


The English Horn

Learn about the English horn with Ken Bronstein, English horn of the BSO!

Questions to Consider:

  • How does an English horn make sound?
  • What is the English horn made out of?
  • What family is the English horn a part of? Is it bigger or smaller than an oboe?

Fun at Home!

  • Even if you don't have an English horn, you can make a sound like one!
  • Step 1 - Get a plastic straw, hole punch, and scissors.
  • Step 2 - Flatten one end of the straw (about an inch deep). Use scissors to cut a V-shape out of the flat end of the straw. This end should now be pointy. You have now made your “reed”!
  • Step 3 - Using the hole punch, punch holes in a straight line down the straw. These holes will help you make different notes when you cover them.
  • Step 4 - Put the pointy end on your lips, pinch the top of the straw with your finger and blow! Try experimenting making different sounds by covering different holes. What do you notice?

Special thanks to Marla Bronstein for creating this video!

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