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Learn about instruments, composers, music, and even how to conduct from the comfort of your home!


Opera with RBG

Today we remember Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who was a champion of people and opera!

Justice Ginsburg attended opera for the first time at age eleven and was hooked, loving everything about it. Here is an interview with Justice Ginsburg talking about her top five must see operas.

“Most of the time, even when I go to sleep, I'm thinking about legal problems. But when I go to the opera, I'm just lost in it. Loving it.” - Justice Ginsburg in a 2015 interview

Fun At Home!

This video gives a great tour of the Vienna Opera House with Aida Garifullina while she sings!

A Day at the Operas - Get a quick behind the scene tour of the NY Met Opera!

How An Opera Gets Made - Get a behind the scenes tour of the NY Met Opera and learn about what it takes to make an opera! (Note Rated PG - opera can be a bit dramatic, so parents might want to check this one out ahead of time!)

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Whatcom Arts Project

The BSO is a proud participant and a founding member of the new Whatcom Arts Project, a group of over 30 community arts nonprofits. The goal of the Whatcom Arts Project is to reach our community during this time of need to provide hope, entertainment, learning opportunities, and a sense of togetherness. Each week during the pandemic, the BSO posted learning activities and videos on our website and to social media as part of the Whatcom Arts Project.

To learn more about the Whatcom Arts Project and home friendly activities in our area, please visit: www.facebook.com/WhatcomArtsProject/ or https://www.bellingham.org/whatcom-arts-project/.