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Activity -

Make a Watermelon Drum & Bubbler!

Learn how to make a drum out of a watermelon!

Here are some written directions for making your watermelon instrument!

Questions to Consider:

  • What happens to the sound as you move your watermelon drum up and down and tap it?
  • What other kinds of things can you use instead of peanuts? 
  • If you try some, what is your favorite?
  • Why should you only do the bubble instrument outside or where your parents say you can?

Fun at Home!

  • First, view the video of the entire musical performance on vegetables. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Next, watch the video on how to make your watermelon drum.  Be extra sure to ONLY do this with an adult!.
  • For a fun “green” additional activity, compost the fruit or vegetable afterwards. 

Here is a video of a musical piece performed on vegetable instruments!

This is part of our series showing how you can make all kinds of instruments from fruits and vegetables!

Be sure to check our website each week for more activities coming your way!

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