Health & Safety

Check back here before each concert for up-to-date health and safety protocols.

Concert Health & Safety Information

The BSO’s commitment to the health and safety of its musicians, staff, and audience includes responding with science-based updated guidelines as conditions change. The end of the public health emergency (May 2023) indicates that the day-to-day risk of Covid is substantially reduced through vaccination, treatment, and public health measures. Therefore, the BSO is simplifying its requirements, subject to future change if government guidelines change again. BSO musicians, staff, and audience members will be alerted to any such changes, and current guidelines will always be available on the BSO website.


The following guidelines apply to all BSO players, staff, contractors, soloists, and anyone else who comes into physical contact as a part of BSO activities.

  1. The fundamental approach of the BSO is to request and rely on all individuals to exercise respect and reasonable health caution in their interactions with each other. 
  2. Please be respectful of each person’s decision to use or not use a mask.
  3. If you are ill or have any reason to believe you might expose others to a disease, please do not enter an environment where others are present.
  4. If you are not ill, but have reason to believe you may have been exposed to Covid or another transmissible disease, please wear an appropriate mask (KN94, KN95, or N95).
  5. We request that you follow updated public health guidance regarding vaccines and boosters.
  6. Audience members are subject to the health and safety policies of the Mount Baker Theatre.

Our website will be your best source of the most up-to-date information at all times. We can't wait to see you, and we appreciate the support you have shown us in the last several years. It's been challenging for all of us, and we wouldn't be here without our strong community support. Thank you!

Our detailed BSO Health & Safety Guidelines can be found here.

Mount Baker Theatre is working to keep you safe as well! They recently installed a new air filtration system. For more information about how Mount Baker Theatre helps keep you safe, please click here.

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