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Important: Weekly Player Update

October 20, 2023

Dear BSO Musicians,

Please see message below from Yaniv.

Dear BSO,

Here is the rehearsal order for next week - we will not be reading Anthem of Hope.


  • 1st movement - We will mostly work on the development section - Allegro vivo until the Andante after letter R. Lots of notes there - please look at it.
  • We will also look at the exposition - mainly from the Allegro non troppo to the 2nd theme (the Andante after D)
  • Violin 1 - please look at the bar before letter E and 1 before F..... it is very exposed and unfakable.
  • 2nd movement - all
  • 3rd movement - Letter O to the end
  • 4th movement - Andante before letter G to the end

Fazil Say - we will work on the 2nd movement and some sections in the st movement.

Any chance you have to listen to the recordings  - please do - it is so important.

Thank you!


Important reminders:

  • Strings: Updated Violin I bowings are available on the Player Page.
  • Comp tickets are now available. All players receive 2 comp tickets. Please contact the Mount Baker Theatre Box Office to redeem your tickets by Thursday November 2nd.
  • Post-Concert Reception RSVP link is live here. Capacity is limited, so claim your spot!

As always, please feel free to reach out with questions.

Thank you,

Shachaf Zahavy-Mittelman

Operations Manager/Librarian