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Important: Weekly Player Update

May 18, 2022

Next rehearsal is Tuesday 5/24

No Trombones!

6:15-7:40 - Beethoven 5


7:55-8:20 - Tedesco mainly 3rd movement and some 1st

8:20-8:45 - Kilar

Message from Yaniv:

Dear BSO,

Thank you for a good sectional last night, we managed to get some good work done and I hope it gave you all a better idea on areas to focus.

Beethoven 5 - strings, especially 2nd movement, please continue to master all those 32nd noodles for clarity, intonation etc. There is a reason why this movement is often found on audition excerpts.

Thanks and see you soon!


String Notes from Dawn:

On the Orawa "A change was made to m. 390 after rehearsal ended, please check your parts."

Updated bowings are available in the bowing section of the player's page.

Winds and Brass Notes from Yaniv earlier this week:

Tedesco folks:

We didn't finish reading the concerto last week as we had a lot of corrections to fix. In order to save time, I compared the blank parts to my score and find more corrections in the 3rd movement - we only read until rehearsal 9, so here are the mistakes I found in your parts from rehearsal 9 onwards:

Flute - 7 before rehearsal 10 is G natural

6 before 10 - 3rd note is a C# (all those figurations should be major triads)

Oboe - 3 before rehearsal 11 - last note in the bar is A

Clarinets - 5 before 10  - D natural (all those figurations are major triads)

Bassoon - 6 before 10 - E natural

5 before 10 - G natural

Timpani - rehearsal 12 - please add a low A in the last 8th note in the bar - and same thing in the bar after.

I hope this is it for fixing parts.


Important reminders for this week:

  • Please remember to sign in every rehearsal.
  • Bring small cardboard boxes (cereal, shoeboxes) to rehearsals for the Whatcom Museum FIG guitar art project.
  • Violins and violas, if you would like a spot in the dressing room, please let me know! First come, first serve.
  • Sandra Payton has requested that any Marrowstone Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra alums (and parents) contact her, they're hoping to do community outreach: 360-920-8111 or sandrapayton@hotmail.com.

PLEASE NOTE: MBT security will be at the stage door for all rehearsals and performances at this time due to unauthorized people entering the building recently. Please call Gail: 509-846-9302 in case the door is locked.

More quick reminders:

  • Vaccination+Booster: If you did not play last concert and have not already shown proof of vaccination AND booster shots, please have your card ready to show me at rehearsal, or save some time and send it to me via email! Once you've shown it to me once, you're set to go.
  • Masks: We are continuing to require KN94/KN95/N95 masks for everyone during all rehearsals and throughout the concert. If you don't have one, please ask me!
  • Winds and Brass: Please report directly to the winds and brass dressing room for COVID testing before each rehearsal. Note that you will not be permitted to play/warm up until your test has come back negative, so please schedule to arrive early enough to report to the dressing room, take the test, and wait the 15 minutes for processing.
  • Parking: There have been some changes to parking in downtown as of May 1st:
  • Paid parking cost will increase to $1 per hour.
  • Paid parking hours will change to 11am-6pm Monday through Saturday.
  • Cost of expired meter ticket will increase to $30.
  • Public parking garages and lots will remain free on the weekends and between 5pm-8am on weekdays.

Please also fill out 22-23 Season Availability survey, available in the announcement section!



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