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Whatcom Arts Project - The First Time I ARTed

June 24, 2024

The Whatcom Arts Project has been engaging with our community through providing free content in the form of interactive lessons, programming, and online events/performances. As we approach the year anniversary of shutdowns and the creation of the Whatcom Arts Project, we want to share something a bit new, fun, and interactive through The First Time I ARTed

“The arts have a great power to uplift people,” says Gail Ridenour, Executive Director of the Bellingham Symphony Orchestra. “It was fun to think back to what first inspired us to get involved in music and the arts, and how that experience fostered a life-long love of the arts.”

The Whatcom Arts Project wants to provide a meaningful look into what inspired us to be a part of the arts through short videos from participating organizations and artists, and then engage people in creating art through coordinated activities.

"Arting can be such a personal thing. We are excited to have the opportunity to make public how important arting has been to all of us at Allied Arts of Whatcom County!" says Kelly Hart, Executive Director of the Allied Arts of Whatcom County.

More than 30 arts organizations are now involved in Whatcom Arts Project, a campaign to inform, entertain, educate, inspire, collaborate, support, promote, and uplift each other daily and remain socially close while physically distanced, which has evolved to become a cooperative with its own webpage on the Bellingham/Whatcom County Tourism Bureau website. A goal of the Whatcom Arts Project is to work with the Tourism Bureau to promote the cultural arts scene in Whatcom County through its Cultural Heritage Strategic Plan.

Check out some of the videos from our BSO family -More coming each week this month!

To see more of these fun videos from other organizations, go to - https://www.facebook.com/whatcomartsproject