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Planning to attend a Bellingham Symphony Orchestra concert? We want to help you orchestrate the perfect experience.

Concert Information

Whether you’re a first time symphony-goer or a long-time symphony supporter, we have a few tips to help you enjoy the experience!

Concert FAQs and Health & Safety Guidelines

For general information about our season and concerts please see our Events Page.

When is the Box Office open?

Due to limited box office availability, we encourage our patrons to take advantage of the Mount Baker Theatre website to order tickets.

The Mount Baker Theatre Box Office is open for in-person and phone orders Monday through Friday from 10:00AM – 2:00PM or until showtime on days with ticketed events. The Box Office opens two hours prior to our concerts. For more information, visit the Mount Baker Theatre website or call (360) 734-6080.

Where do the concerts take place?

Most BSO concerts take place in the Mount Baker Theatre, located at 104 North Commercial Street in the center of the  Arts District of Bellingham. For more information about visiting the Mount Baker Theatre, please visit the MBT website at

Where do I park for a concert?

Street parking is available for free on Sundays and after 6PM on weekdays and Saturdays. Concert-goers may also park at no cost in the nearby Commercial Street Parking Garage on Sundays and after 6PM on weekdays and Saturdays. The Commercial Street Parking Garage has accessible access with an elevator to floors 2 through 5.

What time does the Theatre open?

For our concerts at the Mount Baker Theatre, doors to the lobby open at 2PM.

What do I wear to a BSO concert?

The Bellingham Symphony Orchestra is your community’s orchestra. We encourage anyone attending our events to wear what they feel comfortable wearing.

How do I learn more about the music?

Most BSO concerts (not including Holiday Magic!) are accompanied by a pre-concert lecture about the program. These lectures are free for ticket-holders, but seating is limited, so be sure to arrive when doors open at 2PM. Lectures begin at 2:15PM.

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What if I am running late?

Running late? Ushers will guide you to your seat at a suitable break in the performance. Please note: for pieces without breaks between movements, late seating will not be permitted.

What if there is a weather emergency?

In the case of a weather emergency, all ticketholders will be contacted in advance of the scheduled concert start time with updates regarding the performance and, in the event of a cancellation, information for ticketholders regarding ticket exchange options.

What if I have young children?

Wonderful! You know your children best. We encourage you to use your best judgment in deciding whether or not to bring young children to a performance. Concerts can be a challenging setting for younger children—they can be long, the space is dark, and there isn't room to move around.

Bringing young people to the concert hall is a wonderful way to introduce them to orchestral music and live performance, but we know it can be daunting.

Here are a few quick tips from our staff to help for a smoother experience:

  • TIP #1: Kid-friendly Seats

    Every seat in the Theatre is a kid-friendly seat, and we encourage parents to use their own discretion when choosing where to sit with children. That said, there are some seats in the Theatre that offer a little more flexibility for kids with the wiggles!

    Here's what our Executive Director, Gail Ridenour, suggests for kid-friendly seating:

    "With my little kids, I book seats on the balcony near the aisles. It works great for when my kids need to move around to the music. It is quiet and quick to get up and go down the exit ramp a little ways or to the lobby with couches and restrooms where they can move around more. One of my favorite concert memories is dancing just outside the hall with my daughter while listening to the music!"
  • TIP #2: Bring the Kids to the Dress Rehearsals!

    We love to see young people at our concerts, but we also realize that it can be difficult for little bodies to sit still for that long. If you have a little who loves the music but needs to get up and groove along, consider joining our Classical Kids Club and bringing them to our Classical Kids Dress Rehearsals.

    Here's what our Piccoloist and Board Treasurer, Gena Mikkelsen, has to say about the Dress Rehearsals:

    "Parenting comes with its share of lively moments, right? Picture this: your energetic child, full of chatter, discovering the joy of making a chair creak. Been there, done that! Taking such bundles of energy to a concert can be a bit daunting, considering the need for a serene atmosphere. Thankfully, the BSO's Classical Kids Club has been a game-changer for me. It's a haven where I can relax, knowing my kids can soak in the beauty of classical music without the worry of restlessness. The lobby, with its snacks and coloring activities, offers a perfect escape if we need a breather. The Holiday Magic Concert by BSO holds a special place in my heart because the kids' enthusiasm adds a unique energy to the experience. It's a delightful opportunity for our children to witness the magic of the holidays in a safe and welcoming space."

Not sure your kiddos are ready for the full concert experience? Good news! Our Classical Kids Club is a fun option for youth, which includes invitations to the more casual dress rehearsals (featuring fun activities). To learn more about the Classical Kids Club, please click the link above. Ready to try the full concert? We've got you covered too. Orchestra for All tickets are FREE with an adult ticket.

Electronic Devices

This is a live performance, so for the enjoyment of all our patrons, we ask that during the performance you please turn off or silence all cell phones or electronic devices, and refrain from texting. Please also make any necessary adjustments to listening devices, and keep in mind that photographs or recordings of any kind are not permitted.

Scent Advisory

Please be considerate of your fellow concertgoers when preparing for your evening out. The Mount Baker Theatre seats over 1500 people per event, so we ask that you please use fragrances sparingly prior to a performance to prevent breathing concerns among patrons with severe allergies and sensitivities. Thank you for understanding!